Stand Out

Consumers are evolving… They are blind to advertising and ultra-sensitive to sales pitches. To get noticed, you need to focus on building relationships with your audience; relationships where sales are the symptom of great rapport and not the focus. To engage your prospective clients, to build trust and become their trusted advisor, you need to use media platforms in very different ways. Creating a coherent, compelling and convincing book, media and product strategy is at the heart of our partnership with you.

A Rapport Book

An excellent way to start writing and publishing your knowledge and expertise to your audience.

Create a simple, powerful book that has a great impact on your readers. A handshake that starts the conversation.

This is a relatively quick-win project that can be leveraged for marketing impact. Your Rapport Book demonstrates why you can be trusted in ways your competition cannot. Trust that leads to business.

Your Disruptor Book

Does not present the standard, expected solutions or even the standard, expected problems. It challenges the sacred taboos of the field, exposes the snake-oil salesfolk's doomed-to-failure approaches and presents a radical vision of the field and the world that fries readers' brains in a powerful and helpful way.

It presents a distinctive paradigm that allows the reader to experience the world and your field in a flexible and valuable way creates enormous value and trust and truly demonstrates your desire for their success.

Paradigm Development

Leaders do something different from the bland mass of experts in a field.

When you have the same approach, the same sales pitch and offering on your website as everyone else, you drown in an ocean of marketing noise.

Develop your own, unique and branded paradigm. Creating your own IP and claiming the space allows you to stand out, for the right reasons. Books, online training and a wealth of other products present you boldly to the world.

 The Immersive Team

The Immersive Team

Martyn Pentecost and Richard Hagen bring their varied skill sets to your project. Their writing, editorial, design and publishing experience is complemented by many years spent in teaching, training, coaching, presenting, counselling and course design and development.

Previous Projects

Before starting to support business experts to create their own books Richard and Martyn established mPowr Publishing. Here are some of the recent projects…
Your Slides Suck
Your Slides Suck
David Henson demonstrates why so many slide presentations go wrong—damaging the speakers creditability with their audience. He then shows you how to create a presentation that wows!
The first in a new "Publisher's Guide" series...
The first in a new "Publisher's Guide" series...
How to crack the marketing code through authoring a book.
Ben Morton's latest title-published Jan 2017
Ben Morton's latest title-published Jan 2017
Stop being a leadership victim or villain and become the hero of your team…

How can I get my book published?

It is not simply about getting a book published. We work with you to ensure that you are creating THE book. A book that your readers can cherish and which you can be proud of for many years to come.

Get started with your project today.

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