Online Meeting / Q&A (Wed 8 April 19:00 UK Time)


Before you start to write your business book, here’s what you need to know…

… If you want to maximise the results for your readers, yourself and your business

A publisher’s perspective – Richard Hagen of mPowr Publishing and Immersive Publishing

Most business experts who settle down to write a book make fundamental errors right at the beginning of the process. Many fall for the seductive, yet toxic, romantic notions that most book coaches and vanity/hybrid presses spread around.

The consequences are brutal. Business experts write a business book because they want to become the go-to premium-priced authority in their field. But, too late, they discover they have wasted their time, money, energy and thrown away their expertise.

Their books:

  • won’t sell
  • won’t demonstrate their expertise
  • will make them look like amateurs and
  • will seriously damage their brand…

You have spent years crafting your skills built on your experience and insight.

You have a highly-developed sense of business strategy in your own field.

You have evolved your ability to deliver phenomenal results (way better than the market average).

Yet, you might be about to rush into a book project without understanding anything about the field.

Or knowing about the four sabotaging behaviours that almost every business writer makes.

Or understanding the crucial approaches that will lift your book above the crowd.

Or appreciate the true value of your book as the intellectual property engine of your entire business.

In this live, online session you will explore these crucial areas. And you will begin to understand the core, strategic bedrock you need to put in place when you want your book to drive maximum results for your business.

This will be an interactive session including:

  • Your Questions put to Richard Hagen (publisher)
  • Input on core strategic elements (from RH)
  • A foundation exercise exploring your own book project
  • Conversation with other participants

The initial session is planned for 45-minutes in total (incorporating the elements above) – Richard will happily remain online for another 45-minutes if there are further questions or areas you wish to explore.

This is a NO-SELL gathering – I simply want to provide you with a base understanding of the publishing world so that you can avoid the most serious pitfalls and start to prepare solid foundations for your own project (if you choose to continue to write your book).

No-one is desperately looking to buy another dreadful business book.

You certainly don’t want to create a low-quality book. A book, with your name on it, that could inflict real damage to your business.

So make sure you delete the seductive, romantic notions.

If you want your book project to drive maximum results for your business then register below.

I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday 8 April at 19:00 UK time.


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