Immersive Publishing takes coaches, trainers, consultants and entrepreneurs from first idea to published book (and much more) as you build a profitable product business

Welcome to Immersive Publishing–a reliable source of information as well as your ideal partner to help you develop, write and publish books and products that will have an enormous impact on your clients and potential clients.

Don’t try to do it all on your own…Work with the experienced team behind mPowr Publishing. We have responded to the need, through Immersive Publishing, for coaches, trainers and consultants to have a publishing partner who will ensure your books and products are as brilliant as your niche expertise is!

You have unique expertise in your field and want to reach many more people with it so they can benefit enormously. Our expertise is in the development, writing and publishing of books, audio products and online training courses. Bringing both areas of expertise together will ensure that your readers will experience the very best of you and your message.

Background Information

Since 2009 mPowr has been publishing fiction and non-fiction titles. Our range of titles include printed books, ebooks, transmedia publications (integrating printed material, audio and video media in a single experience) and extensive training programmes incorporating high quality printed manuals and advanced online learning environments. www.mpowrpublishing.com

Immersive Publishing coaches, supports and publishes books and content-related products for consultants, coaches, trainers, and entrepreneurs. Offering transmedia design and editorial services that take our authors from first word to finished product and beyond, Immersive Publishing is both comprehensive and offers incredible value for professionals seeking to grow a product and online business that supplements their live work with clients.


Richard Hagen:

Has been turning information into transformation for more than thirty years.

As a preacher, teacher, storyteller and trainer he worked with communities throughout the UK and internationally—turning dry and familiar information into empowering and transformative experiences that equipped individuals and communities to engage in new ways. At the same time he wrote for, edited and eventually managed within one of the UK’s largest Christian publishers.

Along the way he qualified as a trainer in NLP and worked for five years as a primary school teacher—the toughest gig on the planet… As co-founder of Immersive Publishing and mPowr Publishing he now combines his mission for transformation and empowerment with his passion for publishing books and products that multiply the impact, the results and the business of expert coaches, consultants, therapists, speakers and entrepreneurs.

His latest book, co-authored with Martyn, is The Heist: Cracking the Marketing Code Through Authoring a Book. Currently he is working on his next book Write Your Book—Grow Your Business: What business owners need to know BEFORE you start writing a book.

Martyn Pentecost:

Has experienced the highs and lows of publishing, from hundreds of rejection letters to finally having his first published novel at sixteen. Having watched the gatekeepers of the media world change from publishers to audience, he is now on the forefront of immersive, product-ecosystem and transmedia publishing.

From the London publishing world, he moved on to journalism and digital technology. This involved establishing some of the largest, UK-based sites, in the earliest days of the web, for Comic Relief and the BBC among others.

After the numbing reality of corporate life he shifted focus to originating and developing a vast number of therapeutic and philosophical methodologies (Creative Writing Therapy, Celtic Reiki, etc.), training and practising in this area for many years.

Since 2009, as co-founder of mPowr Publishing, he has brought his varied experience to the writing of more than twenty books (everything from fiction to business and therapy), numerous audio programmes, a vast 38-week online training programme for therapists and has also helped various authors publish their own work through his coaching and design skills.

Through Immersive Publishing Martyn supports expert coaches, consultants, therapists, speakers and entrepreneurs in turning their insight, experience and expertise into books and product ranges.

These create new worlds of possibilities for their readers and customers—worlds that make a lasting difference in the real world.

In the last few months he has published two new books, Legacy: You Get One Life… Make It Remarkable and The Heist: Cracking the Marketing Code Through Authoring a Book.


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