Your Authority Book


If you want to shift from being an expert to a leader it is time to start your authority book.

Developing, writing and publishing a powerful, compelling and revolutionary authority book in your field is one of the most powerful ways to make the shift from expert to leader.

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Why make an authority book?

It transforms the way the reader views their life or business, their strategies and their results.

It reveals the profound level of your experience and expertise to many potential clients.

It shifts you from simply being an expert among many other experts to the leadership position within your field.

It trains your ideal clients that you are the perfect solution for their problems.

It raises your credibility and makes you more attractive as a speaker, presenter, etc.

What makes an authority book?

It will usually be somewhere between 45,000 and 75,000 words long (up to 250 pages).

How do I make an authority book?

You partner with Martyn and Richard of Immersive Publishing who support you throughout the detailed development programme.

With frequent, regular commitment to the planning and writing of the book you could have the first draft completed within six months. Then review, revision, design, editorial and preparation for publication can be completed within another three months.

What benefits are there for me in working with Immersive Publishing to write and publish an authority book?

The powerful results your readers experience is the most powerful benefit of creating the authority book. From these results everything else follows.

When you transform the readers’ feelings, ideas and actions around your core topic, you shift from being merely one voice among many to being the one who is listened to.

Your authority book shows that there is someone who understands the deepest needs of your ideal clients and that they can be confident in your solution and services.

You are supported throughout the process by Richard and Martyn. They leverage their areas of expertise in writing, editorial, design, publishing, public speaking, training and coaching to ensure your expertise is crafted and shaped in the most powerful way for the reader.

You are immersed in developing your writing and storyselling skills. This has an enormous impact on how you understand your existing business and how you communicate in every area.

You have put in place a solid foundation for the development of other books (little books, workbooks, etc.) as well as online training and other products.

This gives you the potential to shift your existing business, or personal projects, to a more premium or high-end market whilst developing a powerful product-range business that delivers a complete customer journey from low-cost entry to your high-ticket items.

What does the partnership involve?

mPowr Limited (the company behind Immersive Publishing and mPowr Publishing) co-funds your project. This means that you, Richard and Martyn are invested in the project and are committed to making sure that your authority book is top quality and delivers great results for your readers.

Our unique approach means you avoid the risk of producing something low quality which could actually damage your brand. Author services companies and book coaches get paid (and make their money) simply by delivering template-driven, write-a-book programmes. In this model there is no real incentive for the coach or company to ensure the quality or commercial value of the project.

Your initial investment fee is a contribution to the coaching and writing development costs of the book. We don’t charge for the actual publication process itself (editorial, design, etc.). When the book is ready for publication your only commitment is to purchase some copies for your own business and promotional use.

Your expertise is in your field. Martyn and Richard have extensive experience in writing, editorial, design, publishing, public speaking, training and coaching. They focus their expertise on helping you develop your creative, writing and communication skills

How do I get started on my authority book?

The first step is to contact us and book a call with Richard.

Immersive Publishing usually only takes on one new project per month (to ensure personal attention for the authors and consistent high quality) so don’t miss out or delay, get started today…