Three Online Meetings taking place in April 2020 – 8, 15 and 22 at 19:00 (UK)

Online Meeting / Q&A (Wed 22 April 19:00 UK Time)

What you need to know BEFORE you start to write your business book

… If you want to maximise the results for your readers, yourself and your business

Publishing routes and book formats

Simple writing mistakes that disengage and disempower readers

Your Questions on Writing and Publishing Strategy

Richard Hagen of mPowr Publishing and Immersive Publishing

In the final of three online sessions you will explore these crucial areas. And you will begin to understand the core, strategic bedrock you need to put in place when you want your book to drive maximum results for your business.

This will be an interactive session including:

  • Your Questions put to Richard Hagen
  • Publishing routes: self-publishing, hybrid/vanity publishing, traditional publishing, mPowr Publishing
  • Book formats: print, e-book, audiobook
  • Basic writing mistakes to avoid
  • Conversation with other participants

This is a one-hour long session with a mix of input, interaction and conversation.

This is a NO-SELL gathering – I simply want to provide you with a base understanding of the publishing world so that you can avoid the most serious pitfalls and start to prepare solid foundations for your own project (if you choose to continue to write your book).

No-one is desperately looking to buy another dreadful business book.

You certainly don’t want to create a low-quality book. A book, with your name on it, that could inflict real damage to your business.

So make sure you delete the seductive, romantic notions.

If you want your book project to drive maximum results for your business then register below.

I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday 15 April at 19:00 UK time.