What authors say…

David Henson

Author of Your Slides Suck!

Wow your audience with engaging, empowering and effective PowerPoint presentations

August 2017


John Wallace

Author of Hire Power:

Use Strategic Resourcing to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

November 2017

You can see what else John has to say about the experience of writing (with Immersive Publishing) and publishing (with mPowr Publishing) and the business benefits that are already emerging within a couple of months of publication. The book was published in November 2017 and the video conversation was recorded in February 2018.

Ben Morton

Author of Don’t Just Manage—Coach! and

The Little Book of Leadership and

Mission: Leadership—Lifting the Mask (Jan 2017)

“Richard and Martyn at Immersive Publishing offer a unique proposition that goes way beyond the traditional author / publisher relationship. I would describe what they do as being one-part business mentor, two-parts writing coach, with a huge handful of creative genius thrown in; all served up with an approach that is a true partnership.

The author coaching services have been exceptional. They have continually challenged and pushed me to delve deeper into my expertise and experience to create a book that is so much more than I hoped it would be at the start of this journey. Their creative input means that we have created a book that will stand out from the crowd due to its uniqueness, yet at the same time remains highly credible as a business title. Their expertise in developing an entire eco-system of products has meant that, with their help and guidance, I have been able to start creating an entirely new strand to my current business.

 I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


A sample of feedback from a recent workshop


Q. Did you get what you wanted?

Ben: More. Completely different book to write to the one I had in mind. And one that I’m much more excited about writing.

Chris H: Yes I could not have hoped for more, I was so impressed with what I was shown and especially how to create an Eco system.

Chris K: I hoped to receive some guidance and inspiration to write/complete my book(s) and got far more than I thought I would!

Nick: Yes, and more. I thought the Author Brand section was incredibly powerful and has changed the book that I was going to write – it gave clarity to my voice.

Q. Can you share your thoughts on the day?

Ben: It was a great day. I think the honesty and openess from both of you created the right environment where we were very quickly open and trusting with each other. This is turn made the day very powerful for all those there.

Chris K: It was all rather mind-boggling. I didn’t know what to expect before I arrived but listening to Richard’s business mind and publishing expertise bouncing off some of the other participants’ ideas and input was fascinating. Martyn’s quiet genteel demeanour, hypnotising delivery and charm made for a mesmerising afternoon whilst he relayed anecdotes and metaphors to enhance the principles of author branding and marketing.

Q. What would you share with a colleague about the day?

Chris K: Try it!

Chris H: I found these two really experienced and successful publishers who I know will be able to publish my book. I went to their one day workshop and they showed me how to create an Eco system around my book, the possibilities were endless, I’m so excited.

Nick: Enlightening and a must attend for anyone considering writing their first, second or future books.

Ben: An extremely thought provoking day that gave me so many fresh insights into how to write my next book, but more importantly, what to write my next book about.


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