The Paradigm Development Programme

You and your business need to stand out…

Stand out:

  • from the thousands of others in your field.
  • from the thousands who have the same qualifications as you.
  • from the thousands with competitive advantages over your business.

On a level playing field your message is just one in the cacophony of thousands… Standing out is nearly impossible.

To truly stand out you must be different, you must be unique and you must change the rules!

You can compete with everybody else or you can create your own paradigm.

Your Paradigm

Your paradigm is the original system you offer your audience; a methodology that you have created and possess intellectual rights over.

This is not the commonplace Ten Principles, Seven-Point Plan or A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (although your system may include similar elements).

Your paradigm is a unique approach to your field that dramatically shifts the understanding, experience and results of your audience members. It is a complex system (containing powerful, internal interactions, its own logic and a complexity that matches your experience and knowledge).

It is also presented to your audience in a way they can grasp easily.

Through theming and storyselling, you offer a memorable, impactful and transformative solution. One your clients can apply to their own context and problems.

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, your paradigm empowers your clients in unique ways.

Leaders change the paradigm people operate with

Many experts aspire to a leadership position in their field. However, very few do the work to actually achieve that result.

Doing the work to create your own paradigm, one that that is solid, reliable and results-oriented, is a critical element in the work of a genuine leader.

Your paradigm becomes the industry standard, what future thousands train and qualify in and what give you (and those you train) the advantage over the competition.

From NLP to Feng Shui, Myers-Briggs to Six Sigma, businesses use paradigms to effectively create results.

You can use somebody else’s paradigm and compete with everybody else in that system or you can develop your own and stand out.

Paradigm development is challenging—holding every piece independently, whilst forming balanced interaction is complex. However this complexity cannot be translated to your audience’s experience. For them it needs to be easy to understand and use!

We work with you to research your knowledge, experience and unique vision and transform it into your very own paradigm. We guide you to the best ways of expressing your business through a range of media products and a content platform that is both striking in brand and individual in message.

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