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Writing a rapport book and getting it published is a simple, straightforward way for a business expert to begin the writing and publishing journey.

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Why make a rapport book?

It makes perfect follow-up reading for coaching, training, speaking or networking events.

It is a powerful introduction to your solutions, insights and expertise.

It is a low-cost purchase for your prospective clients and requires only a small financial investment on your part.

It can help readers understand an important area, giving them clear guidance on the steps they need to take.

It can also be an inspirational or motivational title that prompts them to implement what they have already learned.

What makes a rapport book?

It is a small-format book—designed to be carried around or kept in a handy position—from 152x102mm (6x4inches) to 234x156mm.

A little book (another name for a rapport book) has a maximum of 20,000 words and 100 pages.

How do I make a rapport book?

You partner with Martyn and Richard of Immersive Publishing who support you throughout the detailed development programme.

For those who dedicate daily time to the project, the first draft of the little book can be ready in three months (or even quicker) and it can then be reviewed, revised, designed, edited and ready for publication within another three months or so.

What benefits are there for me in working with Immersive Publishing to write and publish a rapport book?

Most important of all is the impact your little book can have in the lives and businesses of your readers. It establishes a strong relationship with prospective clients and deepens your relationship with your existing clients.

It helps you develop your writing skills in very simple ways that make a real difference to the impact you have on your target clients.

You begin with a short-term, manageable project. It is a relatively quick-win project that can bring long-term results.

You are introduced to the basics of storyselling. This is a powerful way of presenting and promoting your business in a way that attracts and compels clients in a way that is unique to you and your brand.

You build confidence in your writing and communication abilities.

You experience the value of working in a partnership with Martyn and Richard. This opens you up to many possibilities for writing other little books, authority books, workbooks and the expanded world of online courses, etc.

What does the partnership involve?

mPowr Limited (the company behind Immersive Publishing and mPowr Publishing) co-funds your project. This means that you, Richard and Martyn, are invested in the project and are committed to making sure that your little book is top quality and delivers great results for your readers.

Our unique approach means you avoid the risk of producing something low quality which could actually damage your brand. Author services companies and book coaches get paid (and make their money) simply by delivering template-driven, write-a-book programmes. In this model there is no real incentive for the coach or company to ensure the quality or commercial value of the project.

Your initial investment fee is a contribution to the coaching and writing development costs of the book. We don’t charge for the actual publication process itself (editorial, design, etc.). When the book is ready for publication your only commitment is to purchase some copies for your own business and promotional use.

Your expertise is in your field. Martyn and Richard have extensive experience in writing, editorial, design, publishing, public speaking, training and coaching. They focus their expertise on helping you develop your creative, writing and communication skills

How do I get started on my rapport book?

The first step is to contact us and book a call with Richard.

Immersive Publishing usually only takes on one new project per month (to ensure personal attention for the authors and consistent high quality) so don’t miss out or delay, get started today…