How to Get Your Book Out—From Obscurity to Smash Hit

deadpoolattractanaudienceThe seventh secret the gurus don’t tell you when you’re writing your book.


Deadpoolthe R-Rated superhero movie that smashed the box-office records…

How did this obscure, minor hero with a potty mouth and repulsive face get cinemagoers flocking to see him? And what does this have to do with your book?

When you’re planning on writing your book what do you want most?

When you sit down to start writing the book itself what do you want most?

When your book is edited, designed and finally published what do you want most?

There are lots of possible answers, among them:

  • making a big impact
  • changing many minds
  • reaping rich financial rewards
  • being seen as the go-to expert in the field
  • attracting many more clients to your business
  • knowing your ideas and experience will live on after you are gone

All of these are noble intentions and desires. BUT there is a fundamental target that underpins every single one of these loftier goals…

What should you want most?


This may seem ridiculously simple and obvious but it is something that most aspiring authors, whether fiction or non-fiction, seem to forget…

Without an audience for your book you cannot have the impact you desire, the ability to influence the way people think, the financial rewards you deserve, etc.

Where are you starting from?

If you already have a sizeable audience through your existing business (an extensive email list or social media following for example) then you start from a strong position. If not, then it is vital that you begin to develop an audience-building strategy that kicks into play long before the book itself is published.

You have a unique opportunity today with the advent of social media, internet marketing and your own web presence to communicate directly to your potential fans and customers. This needs to happen before the book launches—why not share some of the ideas and strategies from your book  and get feedback as you work through it?

We sometimes fear giving away our best stuff but it is one of the best ways to cement the relationship with our audience and potential clients.

You may not have the challenges of the cancer-ravaged Deadpool—the unknown with a $60M budget to recover. But there are plenty of lessons to learn from his success.

The Deadpool Strategy for Audience Building

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the ex-mercenary, clearly loved the character, the story and the movie.  He couldn’t resist spreading the word in funny, challenging and provocative ways in video, tweets and public appearances above and beyond his contractual obligations… and a growing audience loved it and paid their money to watch.

Be thankful you don’t have to dress up in tight lycra, leap into the air or turn the air blue—your audience will likely thank you too… if you enchant them, intrigue them, provoke them and above all support them.

The seventh secret—Grow your audience first, publish your book after…

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