Breaking the rules of publishing

“You can’t sell a paperback book for £50!”

Our business has broken the rules of traditional publishing since we started back in 2009.

  • The pre-internet model relied on tying up your capital in pallets of books sitting in warehouses.
  • The pre-internet model priced paperback books low and created hardbacks at a premium, with the hardbacks coming out before the paperbacks.
  • The pre-internet model rarely invested in design and illustrations for standard titles as these were expensive (and because you spent the money you had on stock sitting in warehouses).

The original product range that mPowr Publishing (the publishing imprint behind Immersive Publishing) launched doesn’t follow these rules.

Over the first four years, we developed an in-depth training programme in a unique complementary therapy. The Celtic Reiki product range now includes introductory titles (priced around £13), little books (£10), audio CDs (£13-£60), manuals (six of these, the cheapest of which is £40 and most expensive is £120).

When people buy the manuals via the website at they receive free online training and support for up to 38 weeks. This massive online training programme (hundreds of hours of video, audio, online and email material) is exclusive to the site.

Occasionally someone will purchase the manuals via Amazon or another retailer but they aren’t able to access the training.

This means:

  • We have no manuals sitting in warehouses unsold. (Capital is invested in projects instead.)
  • All the Celtic Reiki books and manuals are paperback and retail at premium prices. (Recouping the investment costs.)
  • Only the very first two books (introductory titles) are not illustrated. All the others incorporate extensive illustrations and some of the manuals are richly illustrated throughout in full colour. (Ensuring high satisfaction and improved engagement.)

Students buy these books and manuals because they are uniquely valuable, written by the authority in the field, allowing access to rich, additional material. Breaking the rules of publishing has allowed us to invest time and energy in developing a unique high-quality offering in what is usually a very low-price and low-quality market.

You too can build a comprehensive product business. Step by step. A little book, an introductory online course, an authority book, a complete suite of online training modules, workbooks and in-depth niche titles.

If you are thinking of writing a book to either market your business (a little book) or take your business to the next level (an authority book) do you think it wise to work with those who are wedded to the old rules or those who can create strategies for today?

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