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A unique opportunity to get your book ghostwritten or to build your first book and course products

Watch the video below to find out why we are offering the incredible pricing on these projects (first come, first served)

Only 2 available:
FOUNDATION Ghostwriting & publishing projects available at £10,999 (+VAT)—saving £3,000


Your knowledge, skills and experience help you deliver powerful results for those you work with.

Your foundation book focuses on creating an experience of this value for your reader.

This introduction to you, your business and your ability to create transformation lays the ground for a lasting relationship.

Maximum length: 30,000 words

B&W Paperback: 100 copies on publication

Regular Investment: £13,999 (+VAT)

Only 2 available:
FOUNDATION Product Ecosystem projects at £13,999 (+VAT)—saving £9,000


This year-long project is designed to:

  • Create your unique intellectual property (paradigm)
  • Plan, write and publish your first book (up to 30,000 words)
  • Test and build your online lead generation tool (e.g. profiling tool, problem identifier, diagnostic tool, etc.)
  • Build your core site for book and products (including membership management, custom learning management system, email marketing integration)
  • Plan, test and build your first online course
  • Plan, design and print course workbooks

Regular Investment: £23,000 (+VAT)

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