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Book or Course
Development Consultancy

You are wanting to write a book or create a course and you recognise that some help would be more than useful... our Book or Course Development Consultancy work is designed for you.

1:1 Project Foundation Workshop (two half-days online)


To review the mission of your project, your intended audience and the current state of play (in planning, some text written, etc.). Then to develop a coherent, staged development and publishing plan based on the complexity of your project, your structuring and skill needs, etc. Can also include intellectual property creation (paradigm and storyselling strategy), testing and refinement strategy.


  • The two half-day workshops  take place online
  • Slots: 9am-1pm with 30 min break or 1-5pm with 30-minute break
  • These workshops involve both Richard and Martyn (covering business strategy and creative strategy)
  • Preparatory work to be completed ahead of the scheduled workshop
  • A personal online dashboard containing audio recordings of the workshops and tailored follow-up resources
  • A one-hour follow-up review meeting with Richard (online)
  • Three-month access to the online twice-monthly group mentoring and support sessions for authors



£2,000 (+VAT).

1:1 Product Development Consultancy (12 sessions online)

This is a detailed 1:1 product development consultancy process with Martyn and/or Richard. These mentoring sessions are usually focused upon a single specific outcome which is agreed prior to commencement (for example, the design, testing and refinement of a paradigm—the development of authoring skills while writing the book—detailed feedback on in-progress writing). Quite often the consultancy process follows on from a foundation or scoping workshop.


  • Twelve 1-hour online sessions (Zoom) with Richard or Martyn (or a combo)
  • 45 minutes of preparatory and 15 minutes of follow-up work per session (by Richard or Martyn)
  • access to the online twice-monthly group mentoring and support sessions for authors during the mentoring period
  • a personal online dashboard containing session recordings and any resources required
  • The twelve sessions expire five months from the purchase date, the recommended schedule is weekly. These are arranged in advance and can accommodate holidays, etc.
  • The sessions are designed to support and guide your own work


Payment is taken in three equal payments of £1,000 (+VAT) on a monthly basis. Total investment is £3,000 (+VAT). 

These mentoring sessions are bookable only after consultation with Richard or after a foundation workshop, etc. The core outcomes and structure (how many sessions with Richard / Martyn) will be clarified during this conversation.

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