mPowr Design Consultancy: 7-Stage Online Course


  • To design the strategy behind a robust, transformational experience for online course participants 

  • To ensure the expert has the confidence to create the detailed, high-quality resources that have a lasting impact for the participant 

  • To avoid the pitfalls almost every course creator makes when cobbling a course together or following the crowd/accepted norms of how to do it 


What is covered? 

  • Detailed definition of the purpose of the course for the participant 

  • The role of the course within the expert’s brand, business and product ecosystem and future development plans 

  • The structure of the participant’s transformation journey 

  • 3D Design process: covering top-level Value Endeavours, Value Quotients and Confirmation Criteria (how someone knows they’ve achieved change) 

  • Detailed breakdown of the step-by-step course structure together with detailed element functions (audio, video, pdfs, interactives, etc.) 


How is the process structured? 

  • After booking the consultancy, dates are confirmed and the expert completes preparatory work and sends to mPowr ahead of the first session 

  • Richard and Martyn 1-Hour session reviewing the expert’s background material 

  • TWOHOUR DESIGN SESSION (Zoom or live where practical) Expert, Martyn and Richard 

  • Locking down purpose of course 

  • Defining the stages of the transformational journey 

  • An introduction to 3D Design philosophy (Endeavours, Quotients, Criteria) 

  • Walking through one 3D Value Area to contextualise the expert’s course 

  • Expert then works independently to complete the other 3D Value Areas 

  • TWO-HOUR IMPLEMENTATION SESSION (Zoom or live where practical) Expert, Martyn and Richard 

  • Analysis of and refinement (if necessary) of all 3D Value Areas 

  • Translate the 3D Design elements into a-step-by-step course framework: including a breakdown of which media elements are needed and what purpose each serves 


What happens after the process? 

  • The expert then creates the various media elements for the course, pops onto their platform and starts getting it out there!

    Access is available to the online consultancy resources for six months

  • If the expert wishes additional coaching/mentoring/support or even platform hosting, etc. from mPowr this can be arranged 


Investment: £1,000 (+VAT)—payable singly or in four equal instalments (first instalment taken when booking the consultancy process and then monthly thereafter)



It may be possible to arrange alternative slots, however, we currently have open consultancy slots as follows: 

  • Foundation Session: 3/3 or 17/3 

  • Implementation Session: 17/3 or 31/3  

  • On these dates select a slot of two hours between 0900 and 1300 UK time