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Creative Development Consultancy

Whether you're world-building for a potential YA franchise, wanting to create children's books with accompanying educational resources or want a creative insight into a challenge your business faces... our Creative Development Consultancy work is designed for you.

1:1 Creative Development Consultancy (12 sessions)

This is a detailed 1:1 consultancy project with Martyn and/or Richard. These mentoring sessions are usually focused upon a single specific outcome and are agreed prior to commencement.


  • Twelve 1-hour online sessions (Zoom) with Richard or Martyn (or a combo)
  • 30 minutes of preparatory and 30 minutes of follow-up work per session (by Richard or Martyn)
  • access to the online twice-monthly group mentoring and support sessions for authors during the mentoring period
  • a personal online dashboard containing session recordings and any resources required
  • The twelve sessions expire five months from the purchase date, the recommended schedule is weekly. These are arranged in advance and can accommodate holidays, etc.
  • The sessions are designed to support and guide your own work.


Payment is taken in three equal payments of £1,000 (+VAT) on a monthly basis. Total investment is £3,000 (+VAT).

These mentoring sessions are bookable only after consultation with Richard. The core outcomes and structure (how many sessions with Richard / Martyn) will be clarified during this conversation.


1:1 Creative Development Consultancy (Workshops)


Similar to the 1:1 creative development consultancy sessions, these workshops are tailored to the specific needs of your business or project. The outcomes or process are agreed prior to commencement.


  • In general these tend to run in person (in Glasgow), however we can do these online or in another location if this is preferred.
  • These workshops involve both Richard and Martyn.
  • Preparatory work to be completed ahead of the scheduled workshop
  • A personal online dashboard containing audio recordings of the workshops and any follow-up resources required
  • A one-hour follow-up review meeting (online)
  • Three-month access to the online twice-monthly group mentoring and support sessions for authors


A single-day workshop is £2,400 (+VAT), two-day £4,600 (+VAT), three-day £6,400 (+VAT), four-day £8,200 (+VAT), with a full week’s workshop being £10,000 (+VAT).

Travel expenses / accommodation would apply when other locations are used for workshops.

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