Stand Out. Challenge. Disrupt.

Most management consultants, leadership coaches, trainers in x, y or z are completely generic. They don’t think they are, but their market does. The books they write are equally generic and forgettable.


These businesspeople might have brilliant experience and great skills at creating results for others. However, they struggle to sell themselves or attract interest in their consultancy, training, speaking or services because they aren’t saying or doing anything different from anyone else in the market. 


In the current environment it is impossible to charge premium prices for what is perceived as a generic service, no matter how good the results may be. But this has always been the case.


It is those who stand out, challenge the status quo, disrupt the existing ways of thinking and behaving that become leaders in their field and generate significant growth for their business.

Paradigms and Storyselling

The last thing you want your book to be is bland, beige and boring. Yet so many books that are published today are exactly this. Pages of bland, bland, bland. Nothing new here. Nothing interesting here. Nothing effective here.


Working with Martyn and Richard on your DISRUPTOR book creates a dramatically different manuscript and experience for your readers and your business. With almost sixty years of experience in the publishing arena they are focused on supporting your journey towards holding a complete, high-quality first draft of your book in your hand.


Before you write a single word of your book you’ll discover, design and develop your own unique intellectual property (IP) and the Storyselling strategy that accompanies it.


This becomes the foundation, not only for your book, but for a radical shift in the ability of your business to position itself dynamically and powerfully in the market. You are no longer a generic consultant, speaker, trainer… but the authority in your own paradigm with a mission (and the tools) to shape the future of your market.


Creating your own paradigm goes way beyond acronyms or 5-step-formulae. It is a distinctive way of understanding the world/your topic which creates massive change for your audience/clients/students.


Your paradigm allows your audience to flexibly navigate their challenges and reach their goals in more effective and enjoyable ways. It also gives you a unique set of diagnostic tools which revolutionises your own effectiveness at both analysing problems and implementing solutions.


Marrying your unique Storyselling layer with your paradigm you’ll discover effortless ways to communicate your core value and offering, you’ll qualify in (and out) more swiftly and nurture a highly engaged audience.


Together with the development, testing and refinement of the IP and book (up to 50,000 words) you will also be guided through a comprehensive audience building, community building, partner building and sales building strategy that ensures your entire business can benefit from this new IP and the disruptor book.

At the end of the development period, you’ll have a manuscript which you will be rightly proud of. A manuscript which has the potential to disrupt your market by delivering fantastic results for your audience.

How It Works


The mentored development process:

Disruptor Foundation: a 1-day live workshop (or 2x ½ days online) with RH and MP focused on laying the foundations of your disruptive IP, branding and business strategy. Milestone planning for the project.


12 1:1 authoring sessions with MP

12 1:1 business strategy sessions with RH

Bonus group sessions (monthly)

Guided access to library of authoring and business resources


Most people will complete their manuscript in ten-to-twelve months, with a few completing more quickly. Sessions are arranged around specific milestones, should an author wish to book extra sessions to tackle specific areas this is also possible.

Your book will challenge the traditional ways of thinking and approaching things, staying with your readers long after they put it down.


Your book will be treasured, reread and kept close at hand as readers discover there’s much more to it than they first realised.


Your book will be a bold statement of your brand and ability to create deep, lasting change when others are selling quick-fix and instant-win fake solutions.


Making sure your book is as brilliant as you are is your first priority. Once this is done and you’ve got your business strategy sorted you are in the strongest position to maximise your results from the book.


We’ll work with you throughout the development period to get your manuscript and the business strategy behind it in the best possible shape.


Then you are in control of what happens next. Self-publishing, hybrid publishing or going down the traditional route with agents and big publishers, all the options are available to you. We can also help with this should you wish.