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Build your foundation
product ecosystem

Your own IP designed, your first book, its website with lead generation tool and first online course (and its workbook) built

Go from zero to foundation product ecosystem in one year

Unique Intellectual Property (Your Paradigm)

Working with Martyn you shape your knowledge, skills and experience into a unique system with dynamic elements and powerful storyselling themes. (Regular price: £3,000+VAT)

Your first book written and published

Martyn coaches you in the development and creation of your first book manuscript. (Regular price: £3,000+VAT)

Then Richard leads the project team through all publication stages (editorial, design, pre-publication checks, distribution and production practicalities) and you receive 100 copies of your book—B&W paperback, up to 30,000 words. (Regular price: £4,000)

Online Lead Generation Tool Designed and Built

A diagnostic tool is created specific to your paradigm (similar to personality profiles, diagnostic quizzes, etc.)—you test it with real people and then it gets made into an online tool which you can either charge for or use as a lead generation tool. (Regular price: £3,000+VAT)

Core Product Business Website Built

Using a new or existing website the core site for the book and product business is planned and built—incorporating dedicated email marketing solution, membership management and a custom Learning Management System for course delivery. (Regular price: £3,000 + VAT)

First online course built (up to 6 modules)

Unique course designed around the principles of your paradigm and the results you delivers for your audience.

Built into your site, pilot group runs and then final tweaks made.
(Regular price: £5,000+VAT)

Course workbook created and printed

After the pilot programme is run a dedicated workbook (B&W large paperback up to 100 pages) is designed and printed—you receive 25 copies.
(Regular price: £2,000+VAT)

You do what you do best

Your expertise is in helping your clients get results. We create and publish products.

We collaborate throughout the project (you provide the content, whether text, video, audio or other format) and we enhance it through design, editorial and the developmental work.

We publishing the website and all other products and manage them on your behalf so you continue to do what you do best.

You retain 80% of income after costs (book costs, etc.)—we charge a management fee of £100+VAT per month to maintain and manage the website and products, this is refunded when total income via products online exceeds £750 per month.

Package Pricing:
£18,000+VAT (saving £5,000)
or £1,700+VAT per month for 12 months (saving £2,600)

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