Blend. Intertwine. Immerse.

The VAEO experience is designed to overlay your reader’s media bubble.


Your audience are persistently entrenched within a vast media world, that is driven by printed media and technology. This is not only staring at screen, but the little, seemingly innocuous branding on a packet, item of clothing, piece of equipment, and so on.


Virtually everything around then is branded media—competing for conscious attention or some other form of cerebral bandwidth.

Most businesses seek to puncture the bubble. Poke through. Affect in some way.


A VAEO will blanket their existing, random media bubble with a designed, focused, impactful message. Each strand of media is interwoven with the sole purpose of immersing them in your product, your message, you. Your narrative is mapped into a specific and measurable three-dimensional model. Print and rich digital media are then intertwined, according to that model, recreating a complete wraparound experience, simply and effectively.


Your VAEO looks like a book. It is not a book.



12 Months 

10-15k words + 20 Bridges


Create a simple, yet impactful transmedia environment with this pivotal VAEO.


The VAEO Environment consists of an entry-degree print title, such as a pocketbook, an easy-to-read trade paperback or a foundational workbook.


This is blended with a specifically mapped, digital environment that activates the senses and immerses the reader in your chosen experience.


We will guide you through the authoring process, the design of your 3D Media Map and the creation of each digital arc. This can then be published and hosted as a self-contained title.


The nature of this VAEO positions the product as high value entry level product or the link between first purchase and big-ticket sale.

12 Months 

20-30k words + 40 bridges


Your Transmedia world starts with a standard, printed book, authored using an extremely non-standard method.


Designed to activate your readers’ physiology in a way that primes for wraparound digital, this VAEO creates a world of lived experience.


Taking the strategic 3D map of your media plan and ensuring each media element is positioned in accordance with the physiological triggers of the text.


This positions your reader, establishes their deep-level immersion within your world and achieves greater success in the pursuit of their goals.


Approached as a mid-to big-ticket product, the World VAEO can be used as a training programme, ongoing, trusted resource or evolving subscription product that updates over time.


Developed from your own expertise, we work with you to create an original paradigm. This is the core of your Intellectual Property and basis for future products and franchising potential.


The paradigm forges an adaptable system that changes with your individual reader’s needs and desires. Giving them tailored responses that can change over time and in alignment with their needs.


The VAEO World title is an exceptionally deep-acting, vast in potential and works through time for longer-lasting impact. All the while delivered in their physical space, integrally tied to you and your brand.