Work Smarter. Create Value. Impact.

You want to stand out, make a significant impact and help your target audience create great results.


However, standing out in a crowded, noisy marketplace is challenging. Most business owners find themselves shouting louder, working harder and discounting more steeply. But all this simply exhausts them and, in the long run, smells of desperation.


You know there are smarter, more strategic and effective ways to reach your audience and that a great book can be part of this approach. However, you also know the ‘Write your bestselling book in 7/14/30 days’ gimmick is not the way to go. They produce bland, poor quality and brand-damaging pamphlets that readers detest.


You’ve spent years crafting your expertise and you don’t want to burn your brand down by putting out a shoddy, low-quality book simply because you don’t know how to do a better job.

Your Expertise, Our Support

You want support to create your best work in the publishing world you don’t know too much about.


Working with Martyn and Richard at Immersive Publishing will mean that throughout the development period for your book you are guided and supported to create a top-quality, engaging manuscript that demonstrates your value and expertise powerfully. And it does this by delivering real value to your reader.


With almost sixty years of experience in the publishing industry they will support you as you develop your initial plan, start to write the text, evolve your business strategy around the book and develop powerful new authoring skills that take your communication skills to the next level.

Your IMPACT book is a great starting point.

It is a relatively simple project (up to around 30,000 words) which has a massive impact on its readers.


You can take a single area of your expertise and drill down deeply into it in a way that creates powerful results for the reader. Or you can take a broader overview of your topic and give your reader confidence in themselves and your ability to support their long-term goals.


Making sure your book is surrounded by a robust business strategy is essential. Throughout the development period you will integrate the book into your broader audience building, community building, partner building and sales strategy. And if these are currently a bit ropey, you’ll design and implement them systematically.


At the end of the development period, you’ll have a draft of your entire book that you can be proud of. It is high quality and does what you set out to do.

How It Works

Your IMPACT Book

The Mentored Development Process

Initial: 2-hour online foundation workshop with MP and RH–basic plan and process for the development period is established with trackable milestones


6 1:1 authoring sessions with MP

6 1:1 business strategy sessions with RH

Bonus group sessions (monthly)

Guided access to library of authoring and business resources


Most people will complete their manuscript in six months or so, with a few completing more quickly. Sessions are arranged around specific milestones, should an author wish to book extra sessions to tackle specific areas this is also possible.

Your book might be a warm handshake, which impresses your potential clients with your insight, skills and ability to help them. Or your book might be a powerful convincer that acts as your most powerful lead generator. Or your book might be a simple way of reaching many more people than you can do one-to-one or in groups so that your message gets out there and starts creating results…


Making sure your book is as brilliant as you are is your first priority. Once this is done and you’ve got your business strategy sorted you are in the strongest position to maximise your results from the book.


We’ll work with you throughout the development period to get your manuscript in the best possible shape.


Then you are in control of what happens next with it. Self-publishing, hybrid publishing or going down the traditional route with agents and big publishers, the options are all available to you. We can also help with this should you wish.