mPowr Consultancy: 2 3.5-hour workshops online



Each workshop with Martyn and Richard will be tailored to the specific needs of the author and project.

Possible Areas for Consultancy:

Empathy: how to describe, at depth, the core needs of your audience, going beyond the superficial and the standard

Authority: how to define the unique experience and value you bring to your field, your clients, etc.

Ecosystem: how to go from 1:1, consultancy or services to a scalable product business

Disruption: how to stop being bland, generic and forgettable without relying on gimmicks and gadgets

Paradigm: how to shape your knowledge, skillset and tools into unique intellectual property that shifts you from a generic expert to leader in your field


  • Two half-day workshops on Zoom (3.5 hours including a 30 minute break midway)
  • Typically at least a fortnight between the two sessions to allow follow-up work, etc.
  • Martyn and Richard in both sessions (unless arranged otherwise)


Investment: £1400 (+VAT) payable in advance.



If you’ve not already scheduled dates and times with Richard, he’ll get in touch shortly to make arrangements and sort preparatory work out.