mPowr Consultancy: Initial Foundations Meeting with Martyn (Creative Director) and Richard (Managing Director)


  • To clarify the purpose of an author’s project
  • To get a sense of the overall strategy the book would need (lifetime, not launch)
  • To give brief feedback on a submitted section of the author’s writing style
  • To get a sense that the author and Martyn (particularly) can work well together
  • To design a mentored development process that supports the strategy of the project, the structured plan for the book and the writing period


How is the session structured? 

  • A 90-minute Zoom with the author, Martyn and Richard—interactive, rather than monologuing!
  • Martyn will spend one hour prior to the meeting reviewing a selection of the author’s current writing
  • Exploration of the overall purpose of the author’s project
  • Practical understanding of time available, prioritisation, author’s needs
  • The strategic options for the project
  • Feedback from Martyn on the writing provided, together with description of core skillsets to focus on during development period
  • Brief discussion of what the best way of working together could be (should the author wish to)


What happens after the process? 

  • The author chooses whether or not to pursue further development with mPowr
  • If progressing a schedule of sessions and milestones will be drawn up together with the financial arrangements, etc.


Investment: £500 (+VAT) payable in advance



Richard will be in touch to schedule the Foundations Meeting (and arrange for a selection of writing to be provided) when the session is booked.