mPowr Training: Get Ready to Write Your Book 3-Month Group Programme (Summer '22)

Overall aim for authors:

  • Have a clear strategy about which kind of book is right for you, your business and your readers
  • Build up confidence and competence in advanced authoring skills
  • Create the detailed plan for your book that makes writing it as straightforward as possible


Elements of the programme:

  • Live, weekly group support sessions on Zoom
  • Guided online resources and activity library
  • 1:1 Session: Finalising the Strategy for Your Book
  • 1:1 Session: Finalising Your Book-Writing Plan
  • Recordings made available after each session


Making sure your book makes sense for your business:

Most business authors who write their first book blunder into it without really thinking it through. They fall for the 7-day, 14-day, 30-day write your bestseller, top-of-the-head info-dump strategy. And they end up producing boring, bland and low/no-value books which damage their brand and credibility. Or just get ignored.

Getting clarity around the long-term role of the book in and for your business is essential. This needs to happen first!

You would do this when working on any other area of your business. Why do so many others ignore this when writing a book that will take a lot of time, energy and investment?

Getting a detailed understanding of the role the book will play in the development of your business, yourself and, most importantly, your readers, is the critical foundation for your project. This is essential long before plunging into brainstorming the content of the book or putting pen to paper.

What stage is your business at? What comes next? What are your personal skills and needs? What will create the most valuable impact for your reader?

Knowing the detailed answers to these questions will help you decide which of the five core approaches to adopt for your book. And will ensure you avoid the:

  1. do a quick brainstorm
  2. pick your top ten ideas 
  3. make these your chapter titles
  4. break each one down into subheadings
  5. write it all up,

self-sabotage formula.


Making sure the quality of your book matches the quality of your expertise:

You have spent years, perhaps even decades, evolving your expertise and ability to create powerful results for your clients.

But with your first book, you are in unfamiliar terrain. Many voices cry out to you, “Don’t worry, all you have to do is repackage your blogs, tweets and random thoughts into a book that will bring you unlimited success and glory.”

It would be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic.

Don’t you spend a huge amount of your time with clients helping them avoid the disastrous consequences of quick-fixes, instant solutions and 5-step success formulae? So you know better than to swallow the magic pill when it comes to putting your expertise and reputation on the line in your first book.

Authoring a brilliant book involves very different skillsets to the ones you use when writing blogs, reports or working live 1:1, with groups or in presentations. There is no immediate feedback loop. No body language or voice tone to adapt to when someone is questioning, struggling or resisting.

Remote influence and remote control (across both time and space) are the key elements of the author’s craft.


When you want to ensure your book reads as though an expert wrote it expertly, rather than an amateur wrote it sloppily, you need to develop confidence and competence in powerful, persuasive approaches to writing, emotional engagement and memorable information delivery, together with effective storyselling skills.


Making sure the structure of your book delivers the results you intend it to:

Imagine sitting down to start writing your book, knowing that:

  • you have a powerful, long-term strategy for the book within your business
  • you have developed your own authoring skills dramatically and are confident you can write persuasively, passionately and powerfully
  • you have incredibly detailed insight on how to deliver powerful transformation for your reader
  • you have a rock-solid overview of the landscape of your book—the big picture
  • you have a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the change journey your reader will experience as they work through your book, together with ways to prepare them for the challenges they face on this odyssey
  • you have a section-by-section breakdown of the specific elements that will make up every page of the book

This detailed, structural blueprint for your book will allow you to write your book in as fluent and smooth a way possible, whilst also allowing your unique creative flair and approach to shine through.

Investment: £2000 (+VAT) payable in advance



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