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Writing Your Book or Course

Reviewing current project status

This one-day live workshop (2 x ½ days online) dives deep into your aims, analyses the effectiveness of the current draft / structure / content and draws up a detailed development plan for the successful creation of your book or course.

Project development plan

Focuses on tightening the strategic business role of your product, the structure and sequencing of the material, and the skills needed to create a brilliant experience for the audience. Looks at timelines, effective creation strategies and things to avoid!

Enhancing your skillset and toolkit

A pathway can be designed through our online resource library, tailored for your skillset requirements. One-to-one skill development sessions with follow-ups may be your better option. Covers the writing aspects, course design and teaching strategy, marketing, etc.

Skillset examples

Storytelling techniques, which turn dull but vital information into engaging and memorable change journeys. Avoiding I, I, I, me, me, me writing by reshaping anecdotes to become about the audience not you. Demonstrating your authority by showing rather than telling or regurgitating your CV. Disrupting your audience’s expectations for maximum impact.

Ongoing support

If suitable for your project, ongoing support sessions can be arranged to review progress at various stages or give detailed feedback on specific aspects of your writing, etc. Options to join monthly group support sessions with other authors, etc. ½ day or 1-day workshops on specific needs are also available.

Product review

When your draft manuscript or the detailed course materials are written, scripted, prepared a pre-publication review can be undertaken. This will look at the progress you’ve made towards your goals for the project and make recommendations about your best publishing options.

A selection of books and courses created by mPowr

Invisible Me

By Tyler Inman, Aged 11/12

A fantastic book written by Tyler himself. Tyler has Asperger's and, in this book, shares his personal experience of how others treat those who are different and tackles isolation, grief and human connection. Illustrated throughout by our Creative Designer.


By Martyn Pentecost

How to give your business a happy ending! A fully-illustrated book for business owners searching for authentic ways to connect with the right audience, create valuable content for them and keep them engaged through the power of story.

Look Up and Love the World

By Flemming Kloster Poulsen

The Pastor of the Danish Church in London shares a collection of meditative, provocative and life-affirming reflections on life, loss and faith.

Pauze for Thought

By Gav Pauze

This powerful collection of poems  is supported by unique artwork. Together they encourage the reader to challenge, celebrate and question the perspectives we normally take for granted.

X-Change & Get Your Fierce On

By Lucia Knight

Lucia's book (X-Change) is a tonic for those who are struggling in toxic jobs in midlife. After writing the book she continued to work with the team to create her unique online course, Get Your Fierce On!

Your Slides Suck

By David Henson

Everyone has suffered death by a thousand PowerPoint slides. Dave's mission is to protect audiences from dreadful slides and poor presenters. This full-colour book shows that business books don't need to be dull and black and white, and neither should your PowerPoints!

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