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Different Goals—Different Plans

Book / Course Planning

Author initial preparation

Prior to the workshop the author works through some background information and writing samples.

Two half-day foundations workshops

With Martyn (Creative Director) and Richard (Publisher). The purpose, structure, audience and style of the project is explored.

An overall plan for the book / course is created together with details of any skill development work required (e.g. narrative technique, communicating information powerfully, etc.)

The sessions usually take place remotely (with an in-the-room option where practical).

Writing Support

Regular sessions giving feedback on particular elements of the writing / project as well as skill-development work.

Publisher's review

When the author has completed their draft a publisher's review is completed.

This presents various publishing options to the author—the author  is not bound to publish with mPowr and may opt for an alternative publishing solution.

Product Business Planning

Work one-to-one

To create a powerful product strategy using the detailed product strategy programme: Author the Future: Foundations.

Treasure your Time

The sessions take place remotely (with an in-the-room option where practical).

Avoid the pitfalls

Creating a robust product strategy prevents you making most of the common mistakes business owners make when starting to work on their first book or course.

Self-guided and mentored areas

You will experience an extensive online guided programme with 1:1 workshops, coaching sessions and an end-of-programme strategy review workshop.

Freedom to join group

You will also be able to join the next group experience of the Author the Future programme, should you wish.

Maximise Your Results

Design your strategy to focus on creating transformative value for your audience, your business and yourself.

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