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Development Project

LEAD to GOLD Development Project

Inhabiting your Paradigm
Working with Your Pioneer Group
Developing Your First Products

We are excited to work with you on your project

It has been brilliant working with you on your Paradigm Alchemy workshop. This is the foundation layer of our work together.

Our focus in the next twelve months

We will take everything step by step, ensuring you stay in your superpower zones with your Pioneer Group. Meanwhile you will inhabit your paradigm, capture deep case studies and marketing insights, develop your unique Storyselling brand and then move into product development (your book and online programme).

How we will work together most effectively

We will support you in the design and running of your Pioneer Group programme—here you’ll deliver a high-value programme for your paying beta testers. We’ll help you implement Paradigm testing during this process.

We’ll work best if we work together as a single creative team collaborating on your Paradigm and product projects.

You are free to choose your most suitable option
when it comes to the publication
and ongoing management of your book and course.

Book and course development

We will support you with mentoring and coaching while you work on your book and course.

We spend the first six months putting your Paradigm foundations in place with your Pioneer Group to ensure you have clarity and confidence in the power of your Paradigm before moving into the development of specific products.

Then we’ll help you in the planning and structuring of your first book and course and while you are writing/creating the content.

The freedom to publish

Around the six-month mark you’ll move into the design and development phase of the book and course.

We are happy to take on the publication of your book, course or both and we’ll invest in the editorial, design and build work.

Our standard publication terms in this case are (after any incurred costs) the author receives 80% of income and we retain the remaining 20% (this applies to all products whether books, ebooks or online courses, etc.).

A publishing agreement would be drawn up for each product.

Choose your route to market

Some people prefer to publish their book or course themselves or to go to other publishers.

In this scenario we will continue to support you as you create your book or course. This gives you the freedom to self fund your chosen route (editorial, design, site development, course build, etc.).

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