The Kara Sutra #7—Satisfy Your Desire

Be Passionate About Your Book—Don’t Just Write the Book You Feel You Should Things to avoid when writing your business book—Part Seven   Many new authors, especially in the business arena, set out to write the book they feel they should be writing. They focus on what everybody else is doing, what others say is […]

The Kara Sutra #6—Keep ‘Em Wanting More!

It is vital you play hard to get when writing your book… Things to avoid when writing your business book—Part Six   Behind the scenes of most businesses, there is no time or patience for stories. Most people want you to get to the point and to do it yesterday! So, we find ourselves constantly […]

The Kara Sutra #4—The Narrative Position

Invite your reader in by opening the door, rather than demanding they enter! Things to avoid when writing your business book—Part Four The narrative position is such a simple factor in your authoring, yet so many new and self-published authors fail to realise how important it is. The position involves that of the reader and […]

The Kara Sutra #3—The Textuality Paradox

Beware of paradoxical contentment! Things to avoid when writing your business book—Part Three One of the more subtle, yet most commonplace of rookie author errors is the creation of internal paradoxes within a narrative. This is not necessarily the story-based paradox that is frequently involved in time-travel fiction, but a paradox of logic. For instance, […]

The Kara Sutra #2—Aural Pleasure

You are having a conversation, but not THAT sort of conversation… Things to avoid when writing your business book—Part Two A mistake so many new authors make is writing as they speak. The written word comes from a different part of you to the spoken word. This is true even for those authors who dictate […]

The Kara Sutra #1—The Ego Trap

It is all about you, but it is not about you… Things to avoid when writing your business book—Part One You want your readers to view you as arrogant; a self-centred, smug egotist! You cannot wait to bore people to tears with your book—to make it difficult for them to get through the first page! […]

You Know You Want To…

…but can’t find the time, money or energy to Write Your Book! Authority publishing is an essential aspect of any modern SME business. Every serious, savvy and trustworthy business needs to get its message out in the most powerful way possible. Amongst the marketing mix there is a way of demonstrating your authority that is […]

Is the book you’re told to write the one your audience wants to read?

The first secret the gurus don’t tell you when you’re writing your book… There is one lethal syndrome you never want to encounter when speaking with someone. You also definitely don’t want this to occur when someone picks up your book or looks at your product range. TEGO (tee-go) leads to disaster, destruction and the […]