Should “Thought Leaders” Be Banned?

Have you bumped into the phrase thought leader recently? In the last few years this phrase, initially used to describe someone who was a stand-out authority and in-demand leader in a field, has appeared throughout entrepreneurial events and material. As often happens this has become vastly overused and its meaning diluted. To the point where […]

A portfolio of businesses or a portfolio business?

There is enormous upheaval ahead. All of us are at risk. There are also exciting possibilities for those who can ride the wave of change carefully. Automation, ageing and the changing shape of globalisation and de-globalisation will lead to significant shifts in the coming years. At a recent event, I was intrigued by a conversation […]

Are your readers in Waterstones?

Next time you are outside a bookshop take a wander in. Enjoy the atmosphere, soak up that wonderful, new book aroma and then mosey over to the business section. Look at the size of the bookshop, then look at the size of the business section, then look at the shelf space dedicated to your particular […]

The 8 secrets the gurus don’t tell you about writing your book

  A book… the new business card? Have you been to events where the main speaker suggested you write a book, claim your space or become a thought leader? Perhaps you’ve been encouraged at networking events or seminars to demonstrate your authority and expertise by getting a book written and published. Experienced coaches, trainers and […]