Leverage. Innovate. Transform.

LIMBs – Milestone driven, ongoing support/sessions.

6-month self-fund, 9-month pre-launch, 12-month full launch.

Your Leveraged, Immersive Media Bubble [LIMB] is created from a hive of tiny media chunks. Leveraging video, audio, print, digital interaction, even tastes and aromas, the LIMB forms a media blanket around your audience, encompassing them in your design.


Your experience, content and message are literally placed into their physical environment through a very specific strategy. This coats their space with your knowledge, making you a trusted leader; a constant guide who remains by their side.


As the go-to originator of your LIMB and the paradigm behind it, you’ll develop an ongoing relationship with your audience, that can be enhanced and deepened over time. 


We will be with you every step of the way, helping you with the design of your paradigm and IP, authoring, media creation, publishing and the delivery of your media to your audience.


As innovators in the Transmedia experience, we strive to push the boundaries of what you can do with your media and how it affects your audience. Your LIMB positions you as a true original in your field. Not another expert spouting the same old ideas and content.


And, each step of the way provides measurable results, research, case studies and provable achievements. The aim to pilot your LIMB within six-months, means your product-development becomes self-funded, even profitable for you within that time. 

By month nine, you’ll be expecting to make a profit from the LIMB and building a hungry audience, eager to consume your media experience. This ensures at launch you have a viable, established and quality product, whose success is fact, rather than speculative.