Make your business investable,

scalable, sellable, exit-able

Make your business investable, scalable, sellable, exit-able

Creating your unique Paradigm
and Storyselling Brand

What's next when you've built a great business?

As founder, director or owner of a change business (one that transforms the results of individuals, teams, businesses) there comes a point you start to look further ahead.

Should I find investors to take it to the next level?

How do I scale up a business which relies on spending lots of time one-to-one or with groups?

How can I ever sell or move out of the business and get what I deserve from the sale?

Do you want to get investment, scale it, sell it or exit?

The challenge most transformation-oriented businesses face is that they sound, look and feel like almost every other in their field.

They are swappable for any of the competitors and appear generic (even when they’re not). There’s little reason to invest or value the business properly.

Two things make you much more attractive and valuable: a unique system that delivers better results and a bold brand that stands out from the crowd.

How does a Paradigm and Storyselling Brand help?

As most businesses use other folks’ models and tools, they are only as valuable as the bookings in the diary.

When you turn your knowledge, skills and experience into a unique model (Paradigm) you have your own intellectual property asset. This lets you scale by leveraging products and/or by licensing and franchising.

Match this with a disruptive brand and you can Storysell your business to clients and investors more powerfully.

The difference your Paradigm and strong
Storyselling Brand can make
(a live case study)

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Two ways we unlock your hidden value
and scale-up potential


Paradigm & Storyselling

We begin with a detailed Paradigm design and implementation workshop.

This also looks at the longer-term goals you have for the business.

We can then work with you on evolving your Storyselling Brand.

Project Builds

Products, Training, Presentations, Certification

Once your overall paradigm and product-development strategy is designed we can then work together on individual projects.

These can vary from training design, presentation structuring and delivery, books, online courses, training manuals, licensing, certification and trainer training implementation.

What can my Paradigm lead to?
(An example of a product business build,
adaptable for investment, exit strategy, etc.)

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What is a Paradigm? A live experiment...

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