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Nurturing Your Business

Consultancy, Workshops, Mentoring, Presentations

The topics below (and others) can be explored 1:1, in groups or large audiences. Delivery can be as one-off events or extended development processes.

Connecting with your audience

Exploring what really makes your audience tick, their hopes, aspirations, expectations disappointments and resentments. Treating your audience as humans, not prospects.

Demonstrating your value

Mining your experience, insight, successes and scars to truly discover where unique value and expertise lies. Communicating this in compelling ways rather than as a list of factoids.

Evolving your media strategy

Not just for marketers, but for all who present your business in any context. What is the core brand strategy and how can you leverage multiple media formats for maximum impact.

Standing out from the crowd

Most businesses that operate in the same field look and sound very similar. If you want to be leaders in your field you need to be bold and distinctive, for the right reasons!.

Your own paradigm of change

If you are using Covey, MBTI, DISC, 6-Sigma or any other widely-used tool, you can never occupy a truly visionary position in the market. Explore how you can evolve your own unique IP.


With long backgrounds in publishing, writing, system design, therapy, coaching, creativity, presentations and project management, Richard and Martyn bring unique, disruptive angles to many business areas.

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