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Flagship Online Course

Author Your Book*



to do it

It is easy to fall into the romance

of creating a book or course.

It is easy to descend into a pit of time, money and overwhelm all whilst trying to manage your everyday business whilst creating a book or course.

Gambling your business on financial returns that may never materialise.

So, many people just rush their book or course out with minimal time, money and effort*.

*How to create a terrible product 101

The Standard Way

The Gold Standard

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Transform your business

LEAD to GOLD: Paradigm Alchemy

Build your course, your book, your business with a robust strategy.

Share your value and be rewarded for it throughout the build and beyond.

Your Intellectual Property asset (Paradigm) becomes the beating heart of your business.

Over the next five-years transform the value of every element of your business, through investment, residual revenue and exit strategy*.

*if desired.

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