Make yourself attractive

to boards and clients

Make yourself attractive to boards and clients

Shaping your corporate experience,
and Storyselling you for maximum results

Do you know how to fly solo after years in corporate?

Change management is one of the most challenging aspects of life. This is as true for you when exiting corporate life as it was for those you managed through change when in senior roles.

Understanding your value without all the structures you’ve relied on is new terrain. Exciting terrain.

But too many escape corporate life only to timidly speak in corporate-jargon again. Be bold, mine your unique value and shape it into something uniquely you, uniquely powerful (your Paradigm) and design your own legacy.

Are you looking for NED roles in various businesses?

Being experienced, qualified and highly regarded in your previous role doesn’t help you stand out when looking for NED roles.

Lots of folk are in the same position as you face now. All highly experienced, but it is those who can Storysell themselves most effectively who’ll stand out from the pile of CVs.

This is the time to shed the generic, safe corporate attire and embrace your own Storyselling brand. A brand that boldly cuts through the noise and attracts interest not for your past experience but for your ability to support the board into the future.

Are you wanting to create your own business or leave a legacy?

Welcome to life without a parachute. No HR department. No big team to delegate to. No one to report to but yourself. No one to take the credit or the blame but you.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it!

Consultancy, mentoring, speaking, training: no matter how experienced in all these you are, now it is your business and you’re up against a host of competitors chasing the same gigs.

So design your business from day one so you are leader in your own field with your own unique message and value, together with a strategy to multiply yourself through products.

The difference your Paradigm and strong
Storyselling brand can make
(a live case study)

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You are in a unique position and we work with you in a tailored way. Explore the other services we offer on the site to get a feel for some of the elements we could use to put your NED career or new business on the strongest of foundations.

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